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Occupying the top of the 75th to 100th floors of the Jingji 100 Tower, one of the landmarks in Shenzhen and the 14th tallest building in the world, the St. Regis Hotel stands at a height of 441 meters. This height surpasses its competitors such as the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shanghai and the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, making it the tallest hotel in mainland China. With its luxurious and refined atmosphere, as well as its commanding view of the city, the St. Regis Hotel is a force to be reckoned with in Shenzhen, firmly holding its position as a five-star hotel.

The St. Regis Hotel is the flagship luxury hotel brand under the Marriott International group and is one of the top luxury hotel brands in the world. The hotel in Shenzhen, soaring high into the sky, has a modern and business-oriented feel. One of the hotel’s signature features is the St. Regis Shenzhen Escort Service, which originated from the first St. Regis Hotel in New York. This personalized and attentive service is well-known.

Located on the 75th to 100th floors of the Jingji 100 Tower, the St. Regis Hotel enjoys a prime location with the KK Mall, a famous shopping mall in Shenzhen, and office spaces below. The hotel lobby is on the 96th floor, while the guest rooms are on the 76th to 90th floors. After checking in, guests need to take an elevator down, and the staff will verify their identity before allowing access to the elevator, ensuring a high level of privacy for the guest room floors. The standard rooms are approximately 45 to 50 square meters in size and are divided into “City View Rooms” facing the Futian district of Shenzhen and “Vista Rooms” facing the suburbs of Hong Kong. The bottom and top floors of the hotel feature loft-style suites and flat suites, with the presidential suite located on the highest floor of the guest rooms. The prices for most rooms range from 2,000 RMB to 3,000 RMB per night, while the suite prices start at 3,000 RMB.

From the moment of booking, guests can experience the high level of service at the St. Regis Hotel. The communication and information provided are precise and detailed, and room recommendations are tailored to each guest’s preferences. One week before check-in, the St. Regis butler will send a greeting email introducing their basic functions. Once checked in, the St. Regis butler provides round-the-clock follow-up service, and the staff are friendly and attentive, making guests feel pampered. The hotel offers a simple packing and unpacking service for guests’ luggage, which greatly enhances the stay experience. During the stay, guests can request the butler to iron their clothes. Other services include 24-hour coffee and tea delivery, a 24-hour dedicated butler service desk, and more, all provided free of charge. The butler service is prompt and responsive, and they strive to fulfill all reasonable requests.

The room decor at the St. Regis Hotel is elegant and understated, with a main color palette of gray and brown, creating a soothing and comfortable ambiance. The room is brightened by deep blue and gold fabrics, as well as a plush white carpet. Each room has floor-to-ceiling windows, although the wide-angle view is somewhat limited. The hotel incorporates luxurious and precious materials such as tiger eye stone, Italian gold flower stone, crystal, and sapphire into many details, exuding a sense of understated luxury. The rooms are well-equipped with digital features, with each room having access to the Bang & Olufsen sound system and a comprehensive smart control system. The control system is operated through a fixed terminal on the bedside table and a mobile iPad, allowing guests to easily control the air conditioning, lighting, curtains, TV, and sound system. However, the hotel opened in 2011, and the iPads in use are still the iPad 2, which is no longer cutting-edge. Additionally, the room’s automation system is in need of maintenance, resulting in a less smooth user experience. The bathroom features French marble flooring, a standalone bathtub, a mirror-integrated TV, and a commendable “spa scene” mode with impressive lighting, music, and ambiance. The sound system is built-in with music and integrated with an iPod, while the picture quality of the mirror-integrated TV is average at best. The bathroom amenities are provided by St. Regis’ skincare brand, Remède.

The hotel’s bar and restaurants are located on the top floors of the building. On one side of the lobby is The St. Regis Bar, and on the 95th to 98th floors are the Xiu Restaurant, Tian Gong Chinese Restaurant, and Orba Italian Restaurant. The famous rooftop bar, “The Decanter,” is located on the 100th floor and reaches the pinnacle of the tower, making it the highest bar in Shenzhen. The design of the restaurants lacks a strong sense of uniqueness, making it difficult to leave a lasting impression. The Tian Gong Chinese Restaurant requires reservations at least a day in advance. In addition, the hotel provides various leisure facilities for guests, including a spa center, fitness center, high-level indoor infinity pool, and a library on the rooftop bar side. The business center on the 5th floor provides convenience for guests’ communication and office needs.

In terms of business and conference facilities, the St. Regis Shenzhen offers a total of 2,100 square meters of event space across 11 venues, along with event planning and professional conference services. The largest venue is the 872-square-meter Astor Ballroom, which features high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and a spacious grand entrance, making it suitable for large conferences or banquets. The hotel provides state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, including Christie projectors, wireless microphone systems from the American brand Shure, and MAC350 EntourLED pattern lights. Different sizes of LCD projectors can be provided based on guests’ needs.

With a history of six years in operation, the St. Regis Hotel in Shenzhen is not without minor maintenance issues, and its overall style may not be able to impress shenzhen escort guests. However, among the top hotels in Shenzhen, the St. Regis Hotel still offers a high-quality stay experience, particularly with its outstanding service quality. Taking into account factors such as its location and landmark height, the St. Regis Hotel remains the most recommended business-oriented five-star hotel in Shenzhen.

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