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The Motel originated in the United States in the 1920s and was designed specifically for car travelers. Its unique feature is that each room has a dedicated parking space connected to the room, making it convenient for travelers to rest overnight. Nowadays, the format of Motels is undergoing a significant transformation, with many Motels shifting towards boutique and themed developments.

Taking advantage of the trend of themed hotels in Shenzhen, the Six-Star Shenzhen Escort Motel was established in 2011 and has won the favor of many customers with its unique business model and excellent accommodation services. The “one room, one garage” concept is the motel’s unique selling point. Customers can check-in without leaving their cars, and after parking in the garage, they can easily reach their rooms following the guidance. The check-in process is very convenient. The hotel also provides breakfast, beverages, and snacks, aiming to provide customers with a one-stop service experience.

As a Motel, although it may not have the same romantic atmosphere as a couple’s hotel, its interior facilities and ambiance are noteworthy. The classic and car-themed rooms are elegantly decorated with white marble walls and floors. The strategically placed green plants and wall decorations create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The relatively narrow room layout does not compromise the livability of the room. The leisure area and sleeping area are evenly distributed within the room, avoiding any sense of narrowness or confinement. The bathrooms are equipped with toiletries, bathtubs, and bath salts. The presidential suite is comparable to a star-rated hotel, with a spacious lounge area and a home theater system. The bar counter and chairs are well-equipped, and the bathroom is equipped with two separate bathtubs, providing a spacious and luxurious experience. Each room is also equipped with colored ambient lighting, and most rooms are decorated with exotic and natural themes, featuring unique round beds and rattan chair beds. The room types are diverse and distinctive.

Due to the hotel’s longer construction period, some customers have reported a decline in the quality of room accessories and food services. Bedsheets and pillowcases may occasionally have holes, and the provided food and personal care items are not from mainstream brands. The variety of food and beverages has also decreased compared to when the hotel first opened. Additionally, as the hotel is located in a commercial and entertainment area, there are several nearby KTV establishments, and some rooms may experience noise disturbances at night, affecting the overall stay experience. The hotel is located in the Longgang Central City area, which is a certain distance from the core area of Shenzhen. It is recommended to check the route and estimate travel time before driving.

The price range for Shenzhen Escorts rooms with garages in the hotel is around 500 to 1200 yuan. However, the hotel also offers business rooms without garages. It is recommended to call and inquire for details when making a reservation. Furthermore, the old store in Luohu has closed, and currently only the Longgang Central City store is in operation. Some navigation software and systems may not have updated the business information, so it is important to verify before heading to the hotel.

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