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Xinglian has a large number of repeat customers and is a leader among small-scale couple-themed hotels in Shenzhen. It has won the hearts of many customers with its meticulous supporting services and excellent lodging experience.

Compared to other couple-themed hotels, Xinglian offers a rich array of services. In addition to providing regular hotel amenities, it also offers free laundry, printing and copying, and even claw machine services. For guests arriving at night, the hotel provides free heated Babao Porridge; although there is no independent restaurant in the hotel, it still offers Yonghe Soy Milk breakfast coupons for guests to enjoy on-site; during holidays, the hotel also holds various promotional events, and guests can receive gifts such as fresh flowers and wine. Concerned about guests’ concerns over the hygiene of couple-themed hotels, most of the hotel’s sanitary ware is sealed, and it also provides disposable toilet covers and bathtub liners, among others, with professionalism comparable to chain star hotels.

Thanks to a professional design team, the Shenzhen Escorts hotel rooms feature distinctive, fresh, and refined decoration styles, with excellent color matching and lighting effects. Many rooms boldly use high-brightness and high-contrast colors to create dreamy and dazzling effects, while the reasonable and purposeful lighting layout effectively enhances the theme and atmosphere of the rooms. The Venus series is the hotel’s top room type, with a clear theme, spaciousness, and the use of curtains and bead curtains that are elegant and restrained. Depending on the theme, rooms are equipped with water beds or square beds, as well as facilities such as massage bathtubs, bubble bath salts, and petal bath bubbles. The Hello Kitty room and British-themed room are among the hotel’s most popular room types, with bright and vibrant colors, full thematic elements, and rich soft furnishings and wall decorations, embodying a girlish sentiment.

The hotel has a grand layout, with comfortable and spacious rooms, most of which have independent bathrooms and windows, but only the Venus series rooms are equipped with bathtubs. In addition to themed rooms, the hotel also offers several themed business rooms and chess and card rooms, with tasteful interior design, facilities, and services no different from the themed rooms, suitable for staying with friends and family. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to regular hotel amenities, all items in the room, including family planning products, bubble bath salts, and petal bath bubbles, can be used for free, so guests do not have to worry about hidden charges. The Shenzhen Escort hotel’s staff are of high quality, gentle and polite, the cleaning staff are excellent, service response is quick, and hygiene quality is fully guaranteed. The only downside is that the hotel’s facade decoration is slightly low-grade, with large red letters that are somewhat abrupt, but it does not detract from the overall elegance.

The hotel’s room grades are not clearly differentiated, and the excellent theme design gives each grade of room a high cost-performance ratio. The hotel has a stored value membership system, with a bonus for recharges of over a thousand yuan. The hotel’s room rates range from 200 to 450 yuan, with numerous nearby eateries, convenient transportation, and a free parking lot, making the infrastructure very complete.

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