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Couples hotels originated in Japan and target couples as their main customer base, providing a romantic atmosphere and themed rooms with erotic facilities. According to Shenzhen Escort industry surveys, 30% of the total hotel revenue in China in 2014 came from couples’ consumption. However, the actual market size of couples hotels in China is far below its capacity, with most of the consumption going to budget chain hotels. In recent years, a number of excellent couples hotel brands have emerged in China, and Tian’e Love is one of the outstanding representatives.

Founded in 2012, Tian’e Love currently has nearly 30 branches nationwide, with three located in Nanshan, Luohu, and Longgang districts of Shenzhen. With the service motto of “Cherish every moment, love at Tian’e Love,” Tian’e Love has performed well in room design, hardware configuration, and supporting services. Unlike the crude design of “round bed and pink gauze” in most couples hotels in China, Tian’e Love’s room design style is distinctive, with unified decoration and furniture in a consistent style. It also provides personalized products (travel kits, bubble bath salts, and sexy lingerie, etc.), romantic decorations (petal shapes, LED lights, etc.), and wine and flower delivery services according to customer needs, showcasing the quality and richness of its services.

Tian’e Love offers rooms with different themes and distinct features, including the exotic series “Gypsy Girl” and “One Thousand and One Nights,” the nature-themed series “Tropical Rainforest” and “Primitive Passion,” and the sensual style series “Floating Fragrance” and “Heart Ripples.”

In the exotic series rooms, the hotel is equipped with romantic and mysterious regional elements, complemented by gorgeous and vivid color schemes, allowing people to immerse themselves in the space. In the nature-themed series rooms, abundant natural elements such as grass, rocks, and tropical trees are incorporated, creating a harmonious and cozy atmosphere that vividly represents nature. The most provocative are the rooms in the sensual style series, which portray a mysterious sensuality in shades of dark purple or bright red, revealing a subtle and deep affection.

The rooms are equipped with CNC lighting and music control systems. When customers insert their room card, the background music will automatically play, accompanied by radiating lights to set the mood. Depending on the theme of the room, there are either square or round beds. Mid-range and above rooms are also equipped with electric bathtubs with massage functions, along with bubble bath salts for customers to enjoy.

However, the privacy of the rooms in couples hotels is generally not very friendly for more Shenzhen escorts couples. The bathtub and sleeping area have almost no shielding, and the glass walls of the separate toilet are not frosted, so customers who mind such issues need to choose carefully. Additionally, cleanliness and sound insulation are also areas where couples hotels fall short. Some customers of Tian’e Love have reported issues such as inadequate cleanliness and slight noise during their stay.

There is a noticeable difference in room grades at Tian’e Love, but the price difference is not significant. The lower-end room types do not have bathtubs and the theme decorations may be relatively simple, so customers who want to experience high-quality services are advised to choose mid-range or higher room types. The locations of the brand’s hotels are very convenient, with free parking available nearby. The hotel reception also has lighting displays to showcase room styles and availability, making it easy for customers to choose.

Customers who need services such as sexy lingerie, romantic decorations, and wine and flower delivery are advised to call the hotel in advance to make reservations so that the hotel can prepare and match the corresponding services in a timely manner. It is worth mentioning that the hotel does not provide breakfast service, but there are markets located near all the hotel addresses, making it convenient for customers to dine out or order delivery.

The hotel also has a comprehensive membership system, with four levels of membership. The lowest level, VIP membership, costs 99 yuan and offers benefits such as a 10% discount on room rates, late check-out, and a 50% discount on Tuesdays. It offers good value for money, and customers are recommended to apply for membership before their stay.

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